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This is our 4th store location in downtown Rome since we opened for business in March, 2003.


We love this old building materials supply store with the yellow heart pine floors and lots of natural light. We trust you will as well.


The main force behind Purple Mountain is Rome native Dee Brewer, with a lot of help from her business partner, David Jockusch and her adult children, Joshua and Rebecca. 


We all came to natural products in the 1970's.  Dee and David have worked in the natural food industry on and off since then.


We like these seven words from Michael Pollan:


"Eat food, not too much, mainly plants"


By food, we mean whole or minimally processed foods, stuff your grandparents would recognize as food.  Most of the Standard American Diet is not food in this sense, but "edible food-like substances."  Our bodies do not recognize it as food because the processed material, and artificial sweeteners & hydrogenated oils are just UNNATURAL. There is mounting evidence that the health problems so common in America are largely caused by this unnatural diet.


None of our foods contain added trans fats. We do not sell any "NutraSweet" or Sucralose.  We are phasing out the last of the high fructose corn syrup in our sodas.


We specialize in foods for the folks who can not eat gluten-containing foods.


We urge you to take advantage of our two discount opportunities.

  • If you buy what we buy (a full case or bag of bulk food), we can give you a 10% discount on that item. Normally this is done as a special order, because it is "subject to availability."
  • If your purchase is over $100, you get a 10% discount, which goes up incrementally to 20% on total purchases of $200 or more. This volume discount is on top of any 10% case discounts given in that purchase.

We are friendly folks who really want to help you improve your health. One thing we do not do at Purple Mountain is try to SELL you anything.





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